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We strive to make working for Sodexo a genuinely great experience with benefits to promote your professional, personal and financial well-being, and to improve your Quality of Life now and into the future. Our wide array of benefits includes Sodexo's innovative LifeWorks and Flexible Work Arrangements programs.

Download our Benefits Information – Salaried | Hourly (Full-Time) | Hourly (Part-Time). Your recruiter can provide more detailed information upon request.

Sodexo's support and advocacy for jobs for Reservists and National Guard members who become activated include:

  • Paid differential for up to twelve months from the date of military assignment.
  • Continuation of medical and dental benefits during active duty provided employee contributions continue.
  • Return to the same or like position when an employee’s military assignment is completed, per the current Military Leave policy.
  • Ongoing counseling services to family members of employees who are deployed through Sodexo’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • Career planning and retraining of veterans, reservists and members of the National Guard and their families through Honoring Our Nation’s Finest with Opportunity and Respect (HONOR), a Sodexo employee business resource group.

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