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Sodexo offers superior training for veterans, reservists and members of the National Guard through our own Learning and Performance program. We also encourage and support professional development and continuing professional education through participation in a variety of industry related organizations.

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Learning and Performance

You’ll have access to diverse learning opportunities specially designed to help employees succeed and grow including tuition reimbursement, self-study training modules, instructor-led classes and online learning opportunities.


The mission of the Military Resource Group is to provide support, guidance and resources to employees and families connected to the military. HONOR accomplishes this by offering development opportunities, providing a forum to recognize and celebrate contributions made to our country, and establishing partnerships with community groups that support veterans, active duty, National Guard and military reserve.

Organized by fellow employees around a sense of shared interests and experiences, or a common dimension of diversity, Sodexo’s Employee Business Resource Groups provide access to resources, professional development and support systems.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program

In support of our Veterans, Guard and Reserve members and their spouses, the HONOR employee business resource group is proud to sponsor a Peer-to-Peer Mentoring program modeled after the military's "Buddy" system which pairs recently hired veterans at Sodexo with a guide to help them navigate the corporate environment. The mission of the program is to connect like-minded individuals with a background that encompasses military service for the purpose of supporting and encouraging career skill enhancement through informal professional networking.

The program will have two phases. During the first twelve months, activities will include partnering a newly hired veteran and/or spouse with an HONOR member to learn about Sodexo and to be a trusted advisor on the balance and transition between military and civilian careers. The last six months will focus on career progression within Sodexo.

Future Leaders Veteran Internship Program

Sodexo offers active duty or retired military veterans a full-time internship (40 hours) for ten weeks in various locations throughout the country. As part of Sodexo's Future Leaders Veterans Internship Program, you will have the opportunity to gain management training and experience while working in the fast-paced and growth-charged contract services industry.

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"Sodexo is committed to seek ways that enhance the lives of employees who currently serve, or have served our country through the military, as well as their families. We are keenly aware of the issues facing our brave men and women in the workplace, and are sensitive to them through our recruiting, hiring, onboarding and retention processes. Through our mentoring initiatives, innovative programs, information sharing and community involvement, our goal is to employ and harness the enormous potential of our military population."

Dave Scanlon, CEO, NORAM Government



Watch: Career Advancement at Sodexo
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